Renew Energy Bangladesh.

Leading Bangladesh’s Energy Transition through renewables.









Techlology Off-grid (MW) On-grid (MW) Total (MW)
Solar 357.09 376.36 733.45
Wind 2 0.9 2.9
Hydro 0 230 230
Biogas to Electricity 0.69 0 0.69
Biomass to Electricity 0.4 0 0.4
Total 360.18 607.26 967.44

Pushing towards the green path

Changing Bangladesh

ReNew is the premier solar, wind, hydro and fossil energy and power developer in Bangladesh, with a portfolio of 2 GW of commissioned and committed utility-scale solar projects.

Our South Asian presence, in-house expertise, and world-class technology make us the solar energy company of choice for small, medium, and large industrial, commercial, and government enterprises.


Utility Scale Firm Power

In Bangladesh, we have hundreds of installation sites for businesses spread across 22 districts and 5 divisions. Our entire portfolio offers a balanced, diversified selection of wind and solar projects.

B2B Solutions

Our utility-scale wind and solar energy projects in Bangladesh are dispersed across a number of districts. 


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We offer World Class Distributed Renewable Energy Solutions

DRE Solutions

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) Solutions are designed to improve access to energy by people living in remote and rural areas that off-grid and/or bad grid.

Our Rooftop Solutions analyzes rooftop space and current load profiles, offering solutions through net-metering and others with an experienced EPC team.

Our Success

ReNew has always been able to assess new technological developments and quickly adjust. The capabilities have developed to the point where we are competent in carrying out full Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) work in-house for the majority of our projects. This includes using Thin Film to Multi Crystalline technologies, fixed tilt structures to single axis trackers, self-procurement, etc.



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The solar ground mounted division of ReNew began operations in early 2021 with the intention of replicating the company’s success in the wind industry. In a short period of time, ReNew was able to establish not only a substantial solar asset base of 1.10 GW of commissioned and committed capacity, but also a dynamic team of industry experts and techno-commercial specialists.